Jeovanna Perez
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About: Graphic Designer in progress...

Design + Photography Journal
Flying on a rainbowPhoto: Jeovanna Pérez. 2014

Flying on a rainbow
Photo: Jeovanna PĂ©rez. 2014


New works by James Kerr


Tegan And Sara, Music Videos Discography (2004-2010)

(via thefrenchai)

“Time is just :” —Answer :)
“People can feel a little sick after watching “Super size me” movie” —And I am now
“Once upon a time, I said goodbye to Wilber, goodbye Wilber, be strong” —Mommy to her little squirrel :(
“I’m ill…of Ignorance” —Jeovanna
“You should take care of yourself once in a while, I need you do it please.” —My whole body
“In the past people fought for getting accesible information
Now, the people fight for not getting it. The real one.”
—..Just a comment
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